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Where Did All of This Begin


Pre-version 1

You may have checked out the site archive and wondered if version 1.00 was actually the first version of this website. Well, yes and no. There were changes made before version 1 but I do not have any record of them and there was also 0 content in the website at that time. Pre version 1 the site was basically just a simple layout usiing CSS grid. and basic HTML and CSS

Version 1.00

Version 1.00 was born when I started getting more and more into learing about coding. I had started a free trial at Linkedin Learning and I was egar to test out some of my newly aquired coding skills. The first thing I did was to update the grid layout to be like the one that you can see in version 1.00 today. I also designed a logo and uploaded my first background-image and some artwork. I began messing about with links and menus, and next thing I knew my page was turning into a website. This was when I decided that I wanted to record everthing from that point on so I could keep a record off how far I've come, and wow. I've come a long way in a short time.

Version 1.11

Version 1.11 was created from version 1.00 in about a day or two. The absolute most important thing that I did to speed up the creation of new pages was to condense my several page specific CSS files into a Main.CSS. This allowed me to copy and paste my HTML template and automatically have it look the same on any page. After creating the Main.CSS I started editing it in an atempt to make my site look less garbage. It kinda worked... I also started adding content and making plans for what I wanted to do next.I had also watched a couple videos on CSS animation and wanted to add a couple to my site to test it out.


Make a main.css to start with. Don't be an idiot like me and waste your time typing the same thing in 5 different files. Also, I am in now way paid by Linkedin but I would highly recomend their videos for anyone thats trying to learn to code. I will probably be making a blog post shortly about version 2 after the version I'm working on right now is uploaded to the archive. If you want me to go more in depth on anything please send me and email at [email protected]

First Blog Post


What's This All About

I meant to start the blog off forever ago but never really got around to it because I've been working on various other parts of my site. I've got a lot to write about if I want to get everyone(no one) caught up on what I've been working on and what this site/blog is about.

Two Main Purposes

The first purpose, and most relevant to this blog, is to practice and hopefully help others learn HTML, CSS, and soon JavaScript. The second purpose is to show off my artwork, and maybe sell some if anyone shows intrest and I can figure out how to. To be 100% honest I am fully expecting no one to ever read this or even visit my site, much less be interested enough to buy my art so thats pretty far down on the list.

Practice HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Python

I am currently still at the begining of my coding journey, and though Im decent with HTML and CSS, I'd like to improve and also add more skills like JavaScript and Python to my tool belt. To do this I plan on making this site more advanced as I learn more and also adding links to projects outside of this website for anyone to see.


I coded SpearsGoode.com from scratch in HTML and CSS using no website builder, and I have saved a couple versions that will be listed on the archive page after it is built. The purpose of this is to show the progress of the website at various phases so anyone can follow along with my progress or see how it got to where it is. I will also be adding a how I learned what I learned page to the About page so anyone can see what resources I have used to get where I am.

Show Off Artwork

The final but possibly most important reason for this website is to show off my artwork. Its possibly most important because had I not wanted to show off my artwork, I never would have started building this site and discovered that I loved to code. I feel that art should be given to make people happy so feel free to download any of my art. Just dont pretend to be me, and if you dont give me credit and get big becasue of me, I'll find you.

What About This Blog?

This blog will mostly pertain to my coding progress but may also consist of some stuff about my art if I find a reason to. For now my blog posts will be serving to catch people up on what Ive been up to over the past year or so when I started getting into coding. After I'm all caught up I will give progress updates on how the site is going and what I'm learning. It may also contain tutorials and various other things.