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What can I find on spearsgoode.com

Home page: general information and the most recent posts from the other pages as well as a website plan.

Artwork page: All the art I've made, can find, and like enough to show off.

Programing page: Testing area and place to store old versons of this website for reference.

Blog Page: Mostly consists of entries about building this website but I doubt I'll stay 100% on topic.

If this website for some reason intrests you and you want to learn a little about me or would like to get in touch you're already in the right spot.

Who is Spears Goode?

I'm some 20 year old kid sitting in a little appartment behind a montor with my laptop plugged in typing away at this website. When I'm not here studying or working on my website you might find me in class.

I have recently become interested in coding and thought that web development would be a good place to start on my own since theres so much info out about it. I have since changed my major and will be starting a degree in CS next semester. I hope that some day I will be putting together advanced software and web applicantions or maybe something completly different... who knows. I sure as hell don't. If you're in a similar boat or just want to talk programming or whatever, check out the contact section and hit me up.