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What is Spears Goode?

Easy, Its my website. okay not so easy... Its where I keep things I've created and practice html and CSS. As I'm writing this my website is only a couple pages and contains very little content, but Im hoping, as I add continue to add to this website, I will leave behind some kind of idea of how it was all put together for anyone looking to code their own website from scratch.

Be sure to check out the About Me page to learn a little about what you can find on this website

Website Plan

  • update logo path
  • find a better font
  • implement more artwork into design of website
  • add nav elements
  • make mobile support better
  • add comments to everything
  • make things look nice
    • margin
    • padding
    • positioning
    • colors
    • more animations
    • font colors
    • text-decoration:none;
  • Make icons for pages
  • add hidden things in website for people to probably never find or even look for
  • make new Logo
  • create main.css
  • add transitions between pages
  • make links into list
  • add sublinks

New Artwork

Home Page To Do List

  • Add items to To Do list